A Collection of Advices on Tranquility and Honesty of the Hearts

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Shaykh Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahhaad Al Wasaabi
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  • A Collection of Advices on Tranquility and Honesty of the Hearts,9781634439916,
  • A Collection of Treatises on Tranquility and Honesty of the Hearts
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A Collection of Advices on Tranquility and Honesty of the Hearts,9781634439916,

From the book:

 Ikhlaas is a fundamental condition of the validity of actions. No action is valid or accepted unless ikhlaas is found within it.

Shaytaan is an enemy to mankind, plotting to make them overlook ikhlaas and abandon their acts (of worship), so one must be cautious of him.

Ikhlaas is to act (solely) for Allah. Likewise, an action is not accepted unless it is consistent with what the Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu ‘alayhi wa salam) came with. It is binding that the action is in agreement with the Book and Sunnah upon the understanding of the Salaf As-Saalih(first three generations of Muslims). Every action must comply with the legislative principles, the foundations of fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) and that which came with the religion.

A servant is not called an adherent to the Book and Sunnah unless he applies both the Book and the Sunnah in his life upon the guidance of beneficial knowledge and the correct legislative principles, and none is (more) harmful to the people than the one who is deficient in knowledge. The mediocre doctor, the mediocre linguist, and the person with mediocre knowledge of the Book and Sunnah all destroy much good.

One is always in need of ikhlaas. The statement of ikhlaas is taken from the statement “akhlastul ‘amal lillah (I have devoted this action [sincerely] to Allah, or I have removed from this action every defect.)” Thus, nothing remains in it for other than Allah. No worldly benefits, desires, showing off, or any of the many objectives of the worldly life. The one who fulfills these conditions and battles his desires for the sake of Allah has earned the honor of being sincere, as Allah has stated:

As for those who strive hard for Our cause, We will surely guide him to Our paths. And verily, Allah is with Al-Muhsineen (good-doers).

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