Angie Moon And The Legends The Speedster

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Huda Ayaz
Authors Unite
5.5 x 0.4 x 8.5 inches
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  • Angie Moon And The Legends The Speedster
  • Angie Moon And The Legends The Speedster
  • Angie Moon And The Legends The Speedster
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For the first time since she was three, sixteen-year-old Angie Moon has a home where she is confident she will stay more than a year. She even has a family of peers in the form of Hendrix, Mina, Jacqueline, Dustin, and Mason. True, “Jack’s” powers of telepathy can be annoying, and Mina has a tendency to become invisible when she’s irritated, which is often, but that’s not the biggest life change “Angelica” has to deal with—she has gills. Which is a good thing, since her new house is underwater at the bottom of a lake. As a Halfling, half-human and half-Loch Ness creature, Angie discovers she is able to move from above ground to below lake and sea with ease—without getting wet. Under the guidance of eighteen-year-old Hendrix and the Halfling Chief Ember, Angie takes her rightful place as a member of the guardian force known as United Legends who protect the world, both that of humans (Prosailia) and of “Legends” (Jucreulia), from evil actors. Chief among these is a female Halfling named Naimdale, who wants nothing less than to control the world. To do this, she needs to go back in time and correct the mistake she made years ago when she stopped a group of aliens from invading the world. Can Angie and her friends—whose parents were all once friends of Naimdale—overcome their differences to defeat the schemes of an adversary who can ignore the very limitations of time? While Angie Moon and the Legends: The Speedster is a page-turning fantasy adventure tale, it is also the deeply human story of how each young person, with the help of a community of family and friends, learns to face and conquer the challenges that come with being alive and aware in this wonderful world—with or without the help of super powers.

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