Essential Duas and Surahs: Book 2 (Memorisation) Safar Learn by Heart Series

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Safar Publications
9.5 x 6.7 inch
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Essential Duas and Surahs,Book 2 (Memorisation) Safar Learn by Heart Series
ISBN: 9781909966543
Author: Safar Publications
Book Binding: Softcover
Pages: 141
Size: 9.5 x 6.7 inch
Publication Year: 2015
About This Book:
"Essential Duas and Surahs: Book 2 (Memorization) - Safar Learn by Heart Series" is the second installment in this transformative series designed to assist individuals in deepening their connection with the divine through the memorization and understanding of essential Islamic supplications (Duas) and Quranic Surahs. Building on the foundation established by Book 1, this book deepens learners' spiritual journeys by enabling them to internalize and repeat these precious poems and prayers from memory.
Key Characteristics include:
Systematic Memorization Path:
This book builds on the Learn by Heart Series' systematic approach to memorization, providing a clear path for learners of all ages and levels of skill to commit Duas and Surahs to memory.
Memorizing Focus:
With a strong emphasis on memorizing, the book offers advanced techniques, exercises, and mnemonic aids to help readers grasp these important Duas and Surahs.
Thoughtful Selection:
"Essential Duas and Surahs: Book 2" has a carefully chosen collection of Duas and Surahs that include a wide spectrum of daily supplications, Quranic Surahs, and verses that are profoundly important in Islamic practice and spirituality.
Clear Presentation:
For Arabic and Quranic recitation, the book employs a well-known script, guaranteeing that readers experience clear, readable language that supports precise pronunciation and recitation.
Translation and Insightful Explanation:
Each Dua and Surah is accompanied by an English translation, providing readers with a deep understanding of the meanings and significance of the verses and prayers they commit to memory.
Practical Application:
Beyond memorizing, the book urges individuals to improve their relationship with Allah and smoothly incorporate Islamic supplications and Quranic passages into their routines.

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