Fath Ar-Raheem Al-Malik Al-Allaam FI 'Ilm Aqaaid Wa Tawheed

Darul Minhaj
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Abdul Rahman bin Nasser Al Saadi
9.5x 6.9 inch
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Fath Ar-Raheem Al-Malik Al-Allaam FI 'Ilm Aqaaid Wa Tawheed  
Author: Abdul Rahman bin Nasser Al Saadi
Book Binding: Hardcover
Size: 9.5x 6.9 inch
Publication year:2013
About This Book:
This lovely book, written by Shaykh Abd ar-Rahman as-Sa'di, explores three profound disciplines that are widely covered in the Qur'an. The book discusses Tawhid (monotheism), beliefs, behavior, and legal rulings regarding acts of worship like prayer, zakat (charity), and fasting. Renowned Islamic scholar and jurist Shaykh Abd ar-Rahman as-Sa'di provides readers with a thorough examination of these crucial topics through the prism of the Qur'an. He offers insightful insights and helpful advice to assist readers establish a strong foundation in these important concepts by drawing on his extensive knowledge and comprehension of the sacred book. Shaykh Abd ar-Rahman as-Sa'di explains the complex theological ideas and principles clarified in the Qur'an in the part on beliefs and Tawhid. He discusses the relevance of faith, the oneness of Allah, and how one's beliefs affect their relationship with the Divine. The part on conduct and etiquette digs into the Qur'anic ethical precepts. The virtues, character qualities, and ethical precepts emphasized in the sacred book are explained by Shaykh Abd ar-Rahman as-Sa'di. He teaches readers how to establish upright behavior and polish their interpersonal interactions with concrete examples and advice. Here is a beautiful book of Shaykh Abd ar-Rahman as-Sa'di, dealing with three great sciences handled in the Qur'an: that of beliefs and Tawhid, that of behavior and manners, that of legal judgments such as prayer, zakat, fasting etc. 3 large parts in bringing full of reminders and beneficial words, including a significant portion developing the names of Allah and their meanings. Authenticated by Sheikh Abd ar-Razzaq al-Badr and prefaced by Sheikh Abd Allah ibn 'Aqil. Saudi allowed edition.

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