Fatimah : The Daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (Arabic Language) By Nafees Khan

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Nafees Khan
9 x 7 x 0.2 inch
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Fatimah: The Daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (Arabic Language) By Nafees Khan
ISBN: 9789351790976
Author: Nafees Khan
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 40
Size: 9 x 7 x 0.2 inch
Publication 2018
About This Book:
"Fatimah: The Girl of the Prophet Muhammad (Arabic Language)" by Nafees Khan is an interesting and well-informed memoir that dives into the life, character, and significant meaning of Fatimah, the Prophet Muhammad's (tranquility) revered little girl. This book, written in Arabic, gives perusers a top-to-bottom investigation of the existence of this astounding lady who stands firm on an extraordinary footing in Islamic history and otherworldliness.
Key Focal Points and Experiences:
The Existence of Fatimah:
This book gives an exhaustive and itemized story of Fatimah's life, from her introduction to the world into the Prophet Muhammad's refined family to her union with Imam Ali and the vital occasions in her day-to-day existence.
Spiritual Legacy:
Nafees Khan investigates Fatimah's otherworldly profundity and devotion, exhibiting her never-ending faithfulness to Allah and her significant love for her dad, the Prophet Muhammad. Her remarkable lead is a wellspring of motivation for Muslims all over the world.
Motherhood and Family:
The book digs into Fatimah's situation as a committed mother to her youngsters, particularly the worshipped Hasan and Husayn. It sheds light on the Prophet's family's affectionate family connections.
Champion of Social Justice:
The creator accentuates Fatimah's mission for civil rights and her devotion to supporting the less lucky, underlining the immortal standards of sympathy and compassion that she addressed.
Spiritual Teachings:
The book investigates Fatimah's profound lessons and intelligence, giving perusers experiences of her moral and moral insight for carrying on with a respectable life.

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