From My Sister's Lips By Naima B Robert ( A Unique Celebration of Muslim Womanhood )

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Na'ima B. Robert
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  • From My Sister's Lips By Naima B Robert
  • From My Sister's Lips By Naima B Robert
  • From My Sister's Lips By Naima B Robert
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( An exremely thought-provoking book that challenges Western preconcepions of Islamic Women' Daily Telegraph. )

Covered from head to toe, with only her eyes visible,

the sight of a Muslim woman on a Western city street rarely fails to

provoke a strong reaction. Feelings of shock, horror, repulsion, pity -

or even fear - are not uncommon. But have you ever wondered about the

woman `behind the veil'? Have you ever wondered what her life is really like

and how her hopes, dreams and aspirations differ from yours? Now, in

From My Sisters' Lips, Na'ima B. Robert offers a rare glimpse into the

lives of a community of women, most of whom are converts to Islam,

and invites you to share their joys, sorrows, convictions and faith.

As Na'ima recounts the compelling story of her conversion to Islam,

she also offers first-hand accounts of just some of the extraordinary

women she has come to know in recent years - women like herself who

have chosen to live as Muslims. What emerges is a vivid and intimate portrait

of a sisterhood. As they speak candidly on diverse subjects ranging from

marriage to motherhood, stereotypes, submission and self-image,

we hear the strong, proud voices of those who are seldom heard.

Refreshing, controversial and often surprising, From My Sisters' Lips is an invitation to a world usually seen only by those admitted to its inner circle. It is a celebration of their womanhood
and friendship - a celebration of their Islam.

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