Grief & Depression By Dr. Abdullah al-Khater

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Dr. Abdullah al-Khater
5.8 x 8.3 inches
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Grief & Depression By Dr. Abdullah al-Khater
ISBN: 9781874263760
Author: Dr. Abdullah al-Khater
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 62
Size: 5.8 x 8.3 inches
Publication Year: 2005
About This Book:
Dr. Abdullah al-Khater's "Grief & Depression" furnishes perusers with a thoughtful and educational manual for crossing the difficult territory of close-to-home battles. Dr. al-Khater examines the complex and much of the time connected worries of misfortune and despondency, drawing on both Islamic viewpoints and mental bits of knowledge. During seasons of inner difficulty, this book can be an encouraging ally for individuals looking for understanding, comfort, and a course toward mending.
Understanding the Different Types of Grief
Dr. al-Khater starts by diving into the intricacies of lamenting, featuring the various aspects of this close-to-home insight. This part offers the structure for figuring out the muddled woven artwork of sadness and its conceivable effect on psychological wellness, from misfortune and grieving to the trouble of adjusting to change.
Deconstructing Depression's Layers
The book dives into the layers of melancholy, uncovering the intricacies of this emotional well-being issue. Dr. al-Khater talks about the fundamental causes, side effects, and complex transactions among melancholy and sadness. This part endeavors to de-slander discouragement and give perusers a spot to identify and look for help for their close-to-home prosperity.
Integrating Islamic Healing Perspectives
The consolidation of Islamic ideas on deprivation and discouragement recuperating is vital to the work. Dr. al-Khater utilizes Islamic lessons, petitions, and otherworldly exercises to assist perusers with tracking down solace and strength in their religion. This part underscores the significance of otherworldliness on the way to profound prosperity.
Coping and Recovery Strategies That Work
Down-to-earth lamenting and misery-adapting arrangements are offered, consolidating mental techniques with Islamic statutes. Dr. al-Khater furnishes perusers with unmistakable activities, taking care of oneself practices, and survival strategies to assist them with beating the difficulties of close-to-home distress and leaving on a way to recuperation.

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