Islam the Religion of Future

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Sayyid Qutb
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The Islam way of life which is being described is not a temporary system that fits into a specific historical era, nor is it a local system set up for merely a certain generation or a particular environment. It is in fact, the basic system ordained by God for the dynamic human life, to the end that life may continue to develop within these Divine limits and be honoured those who worship him alone in purity. Islam is a system for practical human life in all its aspects. The is a system that entails the ideological ideal the convincing concept which expounds the nature of the universe and determines the position of man in this includes the doctrines and practical organisations which emanate from and depend upon this ideological ideal, and make of it a reality reflected upon the everyday life of human beings. For instance, these doctrines and organisation include the ethical foundation and its sustaining power, the political system together with its form and characteristics, the social order and its bases and values, the economic doctrine with its philosophy and institutions and the international organism with its interrelations. Inasmuch as these phases are concerned, I believe that Islam will be the Religion of the future. Sayyid Qutb

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