Islamic Studies Student Workbook Level 4 By (Weekend Learning Series) Mansur Ahmed and Husain A. Nuri

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Mansur Ahmed and Husain A. Nuri
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Islamic Studies Student Workbook Level 4 (Weekend Learning Series) By Mansur Ahmed and Husain A. Nuri

ISBN: 9781936569700
Author: Mansur Ahmed and Husain A. Nuri
Book Binding:softcover
About This Book:
For preschool-aged youngsters, "Preschool Activity Book Level P" is a fascinating and interesting instructional tool. This activity book has been thoughtfully chosen to offer a variety of developmentally and age-appropriate activities.
The "Preschool Activity Book Level P" has the following significant features:
Exercises for Developing abilities:
The book provides a range of exercises that concentrate on fundamental preschool abilities such early literacy, numeracy, fine motor skills, creativity, and critical thinking.
Exercises That Kids Can Do:
The exercises in the book are practical and participatory, enticing kids to participate and delve further. This strategy improves their comprehension, fosters curiosity, and fosters a love of learning.
Engaging Design and Vibrant Illustrations: The activity book's captivating illustrations capture the interest of young readers. Preschoolers may easily navigate and take part in the activities because of the book's kid-friendly layout and design.
Recognition of Letters and Numbers:
The book contains exercises that expose kids to letters and numbers. These exercises aid in their growth of letter recognition, sound awareness, and fundamental counting abilities, building the groundwork for future academic success.
Fine Motor Skill Development:
The book's exercises, which include tracing, coloring, cutting, and pasting, promote the growth of fine motor abilities. These exercises improve dexterity and hand-eye coordination, preparing kids for writing and other fine motor skills.

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