Janaazah & Last Will Testiment By Muhammad S. Adly

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Muhammad S. Adly
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Janaazah & Last Will Testiment By Muhammad S. Adly
ISBN: 9789960732442
Author: Muhammad S. Adly
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 76
Size: 14x21cm
About This Book:
"Janaazah & Last Will Testament" by Muhammad S. Adly takes you on a tour through the basic ceremonies of Islamic burial and end-of-life preparations. In this detailed reference, the author offers essential insights into the proper conduct of the funeral prayer (Janaazah) as well as practical advice on drafting an Islamic last will.
Guidance for the Final Journey:
"Janaazah & Last Will Testament" offers a sympathetic and educational companion for people navigating the difficult moments surrounding death. Muhammad S. Adly guides readers through the solemn process of bidding farewell to a departed soul, imparting wisdom on the etiquettes, procedures, and supplications related to the Janaazah.
Islamic Rites and Traditions: 
The book covers the Islamic rites and traditions linked with dying, including a step-by-step introduction to the Janaazah prayer. Adly ensures that readers are well-informed about the religious significance and proper observance of this important aspect of Islamic burial customs by drawing on the Quran and the Sunnah (teachings of Prophet Muhammad).
Last will:
Beyond the rituals of death, the author discusses the significance of creating a last will—a significant document in Islam that describes an individual's preferences about asset distribution, guardianship of minors, and other critical concerns. Adly provides practical guidance on creating a legally valid and Sharia-compliant testament.
Practical and Applicable:
"Janaazah & Last Will" is a practical and applicable guide for Muslims at all stages of life, not just a theoretical investigation. The author's approachable language and straightforward approach make it simple for readers to put the advice presented into action, ensuring that they can traverse the complexity of end-of-life problems with confidence and clarity.

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