Manzil ( With Urdu Translation)

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Manzil ( With Urdu Translation)
Author: Allah
Book Binding: Paperback
Pages: 40
Size: 6.9 x 4.8 x 0.1 inch
Publication Year: 2016
About This Book:
"Manzil (With Urdu Translation)" is a highly spiritual and comprehensive book that provides a significant resource for Muslims seeking spiritual protection, healing, and blessings in their home tongue.
This book's highlights include:
Spiritual Healing:
"Manzil" is a collection of selected Quranic verses and supplications chosen for their effectiveness in offering spiritual healing and protection against many sorts of damage, such as the evil eye, sorcery, and bad influences. It is a potent source of heavenly intervention and protection for anyone experiencing spiritual or bodily difficulties.
Urdu Translation:
One of the book's most notable characteristics is the inclusion of an Urdu translation alongside the original Arabic text. This guarantees that Urdu-speaking readers may not only recite but also completely comprehend the poems, making it a welcoming and accessible resource.
Guidance and Blessings:
"Manzil" contains passages that give guidance and blessings in addition to its defensive characteristics, reaffirming faith, confidence in Allah, and dependence on His kindness. These lessons aim to develop one's spiritual connection and provide comfort through difficult times.
The book's tiny and portable style allows users to easily carry it with them, guaranteeing they have access to these powerful lyrics and their Urdu meanings anytime needed, whether at home, on the road, or elsewhere.
Cultural and Linguistic Bridge:
The Urdu translation creates a cultural and linguistic bridge for readers who may find it easier to connect with and understand the material in their home language, increasing their experience with these spiritual teachings.

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