Noble Quran in Malayalam Language (Malabari Language)

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Noble Quran in Malayalam Language (Malabari Language)
Author: Darusslam research Division
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 1227
Size: 9.6 x 6.8 x 2.0 inch
Publication Year: 2015
Language: Malayalam
About This Book:
The "Noble Quran in Malayalam Language" is an insightful and comprehensible translation of the Holy Quran that is given in the beautiful and expressive Malabari, or Malayalam language. The goal of this translation is to make the eternal message of the Quran understandable to Malayalam-speaking readers so they can interact with the knowledge and guidance from God found in this holy book.
Precise Translation: 
The translation preserves Malayalam linguistic integrity while accurately expressing the meanings of the Quranic passages. It makes an effort to convey the essential ideas of the original Arabic text so that readers can understand the Quran's profound lessons in their tongue.
Clarity and Understandability: 
The translation's careful construction ensures that readers with differing degrees of acquaintance with the scripture can grasp the Quran's intricate ideas and lessons. The utilization of the Malayalam language improves understanding and fosters a more meaningful relationship with the content.
Faithful to the Message: 
The translation upholds the integrity of the holy book by being true to the primary ideas and message of the Quran. For Malayalam speakers looking to comprehend the moral guidelines and teachings included in the Quran, it is a trustworthy source.
Suitable for Communities Speaking Malayalam:
This translation is inclusive and designed for Malayalam-speaking populations, making it a useful tool for individuals, families, and communities who want to interact with the Quran in their native language. It encourages a deeper relationship with the divine message by fostering a sense of comprehension and connection.

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