Ramadan-An Opportunity to Connect With Your Lord By shykh Muhammad al-Arifi

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shykh Muhammad al-Arifi
8.3 x5.5 inch
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Darussalam Publications
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Ramadan-An Opportunity to Connect With Your Lord By shykh Muhammad al-Arifi
ISBN: 9786035002585
Author: shykh Muhammad al-Arifi
Book Binding: Paperback
Pages: 77
Size: 8.3 x5.5 inch
Publiication: 2013
About This Book:
Shaykh Muhammad al-Arifi's "Ramadan-An Opportunity to Connect With Your Lord" is a profoundly elevating and informative book that recognizes Ramadan, Islam's holiest month. Shaykh al-Arifi urges perusers to go on a changing excursion during this magnificent season, fashioning a nearer relationship with Allah (God) and working on their otherworldly existence with significant understanding and down-to-earth guidance.
Shaykh al-Arifi tends to the meaning of Ramadan as a time of self-reflection, commitment, and soul purging in this gorgeous book. During this sacred month, Jesus gives a total clarification of the otherworldly and pragmatic components of fasting, supplication, and dedication. The book plunges into the various parts of Ramadan, like the meaning of genuine apology, expanded Quranic retention, beneficent activities, and Taraweeh night petitions. Shaykh al-Arifi features the significance of these exercises in encouraging self-awareness, a more grounded relationship with Allah, and the development of excellencies like tolerance, gratefulness, and sympathy.
Shaykh Muhammad al-Arifi's work welcomes perusers to get a handle on the exceptional opportunity for profound development and reward that Ramadan brings. His words sound valid with a solid love for Allah and a wish for perusers to partake in the extraordinary delights of this heavenly month. "Ramadan: A Potential Chance to Interface With Your Ruler" is in excess of a book; it is an ally for Muslims during this specific season, offering guidance on the most proficient method to expand the profound benefits of Ramadan. It helps us to remember the meaning of personal growth, benevolence, and developing nearer to Allah through demonstrations of love and commitment.

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