The Beneficial Summary in Clarifiying the Evidences for the Categories of Tawheed

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Dr. Abdur Raazzaaq Ibn Abdul Muhsin Al Abbaad
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Before you is a detailed work by Abdur Raazzaaq Al Abbaad of al-Madeenautn-Nabawiyyah outlining the categories and types of Tawheed as understood by the people of knowledge, from the time of the Messenger of Allah, to the present times. Also included are replies to some of the modern day callers to misguidance who have attempted to belittle, and even deny the three well know categories of Tawheed: • • i. Tawheedur-Ruboobiyyah • ii. Tawheedul Uloohiyyah • iii. Tawheedul Asmaa was Sifaat In addition to this, the original source work has received critical acclaim from the Scholars of our times, such as al-Allaamah Saalih Ibn Fawzaan al Fawzaan who said" Indeed, I have read the reply of the Shaykh, Dr. Abdur Razzaaq concerning this topic. So I have found it - and the praise is for Allah- an appropriate and complete reply that relies upon convincing proofs that have been followed in the manhaj of the Salafus Saalih from the people of knowledge and insight, such as Imam Ahmad (d.214H) - rahimahullaah- who said in his sermon: The praise is for Allah who, in every age and interval between the Prophets, raises up a group from the people of knowledge, who call the misguided to guidance, patiently bearing ill treatment and harm. With the Book of Allah they give life to the dead... They expel from the Book of Allah the alterations of those going beyond the bounds and the false interpretations of the ignorant ones..." Refer to al Qawlus Sadeed (p.8) of Abdur Razzaaq Al Abbaad.

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