The Easy Quran,Translation of the Holy Quran in Easy English By Imtiaz Ahmad

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Imtiaz Ahmad
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The Easy Quran,Translation of the Holy Quran in Easy English By Imtiaz Ahmad
ISBN: 9786030063598
Author: Imtiaz Ahmad
Book Binding: Hardcover
About This Book:
Imtiaz Ahmad's "The Easy Quran: Translation of the Holy Quran in Easy English" is a great resource that provides an accessible and simplified translation of the Quran. Imtiaz Ahmad explains the profound teachings of the Quran in simple English in this book, making it suited for readers of all levels.The book covers the complete Quran, translating its passages in a simple and straightforward manner. Imtiaz Ahmad's method guarantees that complicated topics are delivered in a straightforward and understandable manner, allowing readers to easily absorb the message and direction of the Quran. "The Easy Quran" is a fantastic resource for everyone who wants to learn the wisdom and guidance of the Quran, regardless of their knowledge of Arabic. It is especially useful for new Muslims, young readers, and anyone searching for an easy approach to learning about the Quran's teachings.Readers can acquire insights into the moral and spiritual direction provided by the Quran through this translation, establishing a closer relationship to the divine message. Imtiaz Ahmad's initiative to produce a simple translation improves the Quran's accessibility and relevance for a broader audience. "The Easy Quran: Translation of the Holy Quran in Easy English" is an important contribution to Quranic knowledge. Imtiaz Ahmad's commitment to presenting the Quran in simple English allows people from all walks of life to enjoy the everlasting wisdom and beauty of this precious text.
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  • A healthy tone of simplicity, accuracy and spiritually prevails.
  • Skillful blending of literal meanings and its relevant interpretations.
  • The emphasis was laid on the context and its meaning.
  • References to al-Hadith were also given to ensure authenticity.
  • The recent scientific discoveries were also included in it wherever relevant.
  • Following the way of the People of the Sunnah and the Jama’ah in the explanation and exposition,
  • Employ expressions that are commonly used and easy to understand.
  • Avoided difficult phrases and explications that may burden the non-Arab-speaking readers.
  • Includes authentic reasons of the revelation of the verses of the Holy Quran.

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