The End of Economics An Islamic Critique of Economics

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Umar Vadillo
5.8 x 8.3 inches
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  • The End of Economics An Islamic Critique of Economics
  • The End of Economics An Islamic Critique of Economics
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Islam is deen al-fitr, it means, the natural transaction with Allah, the science of living in this world of forms. Islam means submission to Allah, which implies the non-submission to anything other than Him. This is the radical freedom of the Muslim. Living in Islam teaches to the Muslim that the transformation of the social medium, in itÆs authentic sense, is only possible by the transformation of the self, and what is more important, with the permission of the One who has created and governs the world: Allah, may He be glorified, This is what makes the Muslim lose his fear of existence, because he only fears Allah. When he knows Allah in this way, the Muslim is able to understand that every act is worship of Allah. He knows that there is no separation between politics and the worship of Allah, nor between trade and worship of Him. In this state, the Muslim understands that he lives only by Allah and for Allah; he depends on and has confidence in Him. We ask Allah-taÆala, to be a clear guidance to those who look for the way of Islam, that is able to illuminate their hearts. And blessings and peace on our beloved Prophet Muhammad, his Family and Companions.

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