The Guaranteed Path Towards Redemption & Rectification For Incarcerated Muslim

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Authentic Statments Publications
5.8 x 8.3 inches
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The Guaranteed Path Towards Redemption & Rectification For Incarcerated Muslim 
ISBN: 9781450721882
Author: Authentic Statments Publications
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 131
Size: 5.8 x 8.3 inches
About This Book:
Start a groundbreaking excursion of recovery and correction with "The Guaranteed Path Towards Redemption & Rectification for Incarcerated Muslims." This edifying aide, composed of sympathy and intelligence, gives a guide to individuals dealing with the issues of detainment while sticking to Islamic convictions. The book, by offering comfort and bearing, turns into a wellspring of trust and profound restoration, preparing for recuperation and positive change.
Navigating the Difficulties of Incarceration:
The core of this book is a mindful assessment of the troubles that imprisoned individuals experience. The creator perceives the particular difficulties of control and offers experiences on how Islamic lessons can give strength and steadiness despite affliction.
A Spiritual Roadmap for Rehabilitation:
"The Dependable Way Towards Reclamation and Correction" is an otherworldly guide for recuperation. The book, which depends on Islamic standards, offers pragmatic counsel on how people could go on a street of personal growth, looking for recovery through certifiable contrition and a pledge to positive change.
The Importance of Faith and Repentance:
The book goes into the groundbreaking force of atonement and confidence. The creator features the meaning of building a profound association with Allah, looking for pardoning, and following a way of uprightness as essential parts of the excursion toward recovery, drawing on Islamic ideas.
Practical Steps for Personal Development:
The book goes past scholastic discussions to give down-to-earth measures for self-awareness and advancement. The creator presents functional proposals on how detained individuals could take part in useful exercises, look for schooling, and foster abilities that will support their restoration and reintegration into society.

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