The Knowledge Seeker’s Guide On The Disbelief Of The Rejecter Of Tawhid

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Shaykh ul-Islam Muḥammad Abdul-Wahhab
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Shaykh Ismail Ibn Muḥammad Al-Ansari
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  • The Knowledge Seeker’s Guide On The Disbelief Of The Rejecter Of Tawhid
  • The Knowledge Seeker’s Guide On The Disbelief Of The Rejecter Of Tawhid
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From the book:

It is clear that not caring about learning religion is one of the causes of being the worst of creation. If this ignorant man asked about this, what about those who claimed that they follow the Prophets and know their message, and everything is accessible, but he does not care? And when he attends or listens, he will be as mentioned by Allāh:

“Comes not to them an admonition (a chapter of the Qurʾān) from their Lord as a recent revelation but they listen to it while they play. With their hearts occupied (with evil things).” [Sūrah Al-Anbiyā’ 21:2-3]

Also, when the Prophet (May Allāh raise his rank and grant him peace) said:

“Allāh has sent me,” he replied: with what you have been sent? He said: so and so.”

Thus, it is clear that the essence of Allāh’s Message and the Prophet’s Dawah is the Oneness of Allāh (Tawhīd), no partners with Him, and destroying idols. It is clear that idols cannot be destroyed but by showing enmity against them and combating them. So, think about the essence of religion. He also understood Tawhīd and that it is a great notion. Therefore, he said: “Who has followed you in this?”  he replied: “a freeman and a slave,” he said: all the scholars, kings and laypeople were against his opinion, and no one followed his opinion.” This indicates that the truth can be followed by the least amount of people, but falsehood may be followed by many.

Fuḍayl Ibn Iyāḍ (May Allāh have mercy on him) said:

“Do not be afraid of the truth for its little followers, and do not be fascinated with the falsehood for its numerous bad successors .“

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