The Role of the Mosque in 21st Century Britain By Dr. Abdul Karim Awad

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Dr.abdul karim awad
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The Role of the Mosque in 21st Century Britain By Dr. Abdul Karim Awad

About  the  Book:

It is quite a sad state of affairs that many people, especially Muslims, have misunderstood the role which  the mosque plays in  the religious, educational and the socio-political development of the  community in addition to the well-being of individuals. This book aims to address the issues concerning the Role of the Mosques' in21st Century Britain and how they should become more comprehensive in the activities they provide, catering for both men and women and the young and old.

About the Author:

The  Author of this book is a university graduate who has found  great interest in teaching and learning as well as in translation and research development.  As part of his strategic personal  development,  he  has obtained a BA, MA, Mphil, Post Doctorate degree and two PhDs. The First in Applied Linguistic: Culture and Language (Liverpool University: 2002). The  second is in Translating Arabic into English with special reference to Qur'anic Interpretation (Manchester University: 2005). In 2011 Dr. Abdul Karim  Awad was awarded the honourable title of Professor in Semitic Languages  and Applied Linguistics from Hymus  Language Consultancy (North Wales). He has gained over 38  years of teaching experience in various parts of the world as well as a number of years doing research.
The  Author is an Imam at Rhyl Culture Centre in North Wales as well as a voluntary Imam at Al-Rahma  Mosque  in Liverpool . He is involved in teaching Islamic studies including Qur'anic recitation and interpretation in Liverpool and Rhyl Educational Institutes. He frequently gives public lectures and Islamic talks at different places of worship and institutes as well as universities in the UK. Dr. Abdul Karim Awad is  the author of several books including "Branches of Faith", "Fasting in Ramadan", "Signs of the  End of the World", "Al-Isra' Wal-Mi'raj", "What Leads to Hell", "Existence", "Messages. Through    Animals:  Qur'anic    Context", "Misconceptions about Islam", "Al-Islam Religion and Life", "The  True Islamic Etiquette", "An Invitation to  Al-Jannah",  "Health Care and Wellbeing" and "How to Attain the Love of Allah".

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