10 Duas For Home

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Firhana Imam
8.5 x 8.5
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10 Duas For Home by Ali-gator
ISBN: 9781921772504
Author: Firhana Imam
Book Binding: Softcover
Pages: 24
Size: 8.5 x 8.5 inches
Publication Year: 2021
About This Book:
Ali-Gator's "10 Duas For Home" is a spiritually edifying book that offers a collection of ten necessary supplications (duas) for the home setting. This book is a great resource for individuals and families who want to instill blessings, tranquillity, and the memory of Allah (God) in their daily lives.
Key characteristics include:
Duas for the House: 
The book has a carefully chosen selection of ten powerful and meaningful duas (prayers) designed to improve the environment of one's house. These supplications address a variety of issues, such as protection, harmony, gratitude, and well-being.
Spiritual Guidance: 
Ali-Gator provides explanations and insights for each dua, assisting readers in understanding the purpose and context of these prayers. This additional direction enables people and families to connect more profoundly with their faith and spirituality at home.
Practical and Accessible: 
"10 Duas For Home" is intended to be both practical and approachable to readers of all ages. Whether you are new to Islam or a seasoned practitioner, this book provides simple yet deep prayers that can be incorporated into daily routines.
Beautifully Designed: 
The book is frequently deliberately designed with appealing pictures and fonts, making it both a spiritually edifying resource and an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home library.
Ideal for Families: 
This book is ideal for families since it allows parents and children to come together in supplication, building a sense of togetherness and spirituality within the household.
Universal Appeal:
While the book is founded in Islamic tradition, its lessons of appreciation, protection, and harmony are universal, making it a motivating read for people of many faiths and cultures.

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