114 Tips to Help You Finally Memorize the Quran By Suleiman B. Hani

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Suleiman B. Hani
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114 Tips to Help You Finally Memorize the Quran by Suleiman B. Hani
ISBN: 9781533048639
Author: Suleiman B. Hani
Book Binding: Paperback
Pages 165
Size: 5.5x8.5x0.40
Publication 2018
About This Book:
Suleiman B. Hani has compiled a pamphlet titled "114 Tips to Help You Finally Memorize the Quran." The author provides a collection of 114 practical strategies to help people memorize the Quran properly in this pamphlet. The guide includes a number of tips, tactics, and guidance to help in memorization.
The advice in the book is designed to fit various learning styles and preferences, making it a versatile resource for people attempting to memorize the Quran. Suleiman B. Hani's work provides helpful insights that assist readers in overcoming hurdles and obstacles that may arise while attempting to memorize. This manual is a wonderful resource for people who want to memorize the Quran and offers a wide range of ways to help them along the way. Suleiman B. Hani's advice might provide you with direction and support to attain your memorizing goals, whether you're just starting out or far into the process.
This book will equip all readers with the information, motivation, and techniques necessary in order to begin, continue with, and complete the memorization of the Qur'an, eliminating thereby the common excuses and reasons for not memorizing. This book is for parents and children, old and young, Arabs and non-Arabs, religious and irreligious, motivated and unmotivated; order a copy today and experience the unimaginable change.
This book will teach you:
  • The conditions required of a person who wants to memorize the Qur'an
  • How to map out your entire memorization journey in 20 minutes
  • Various step-by-step memorization techniques
  • The powerfully-motivational merits and rewards of memorizing Qur'an
  • The positive and negative factors that affect memorization
  • The effects of music on efficient memorization
  • How to motivate and teach children to memorize Qur'an
  • How to overcome the language barrier
  • Health habits that have a direct impact on memorization
  • How to proceed step-by-step upon completing this book.
"A must-have for every Muslim household." -Nouman Ali Khan"This well-researched book will surely become a standard reference in its field for years to come." -Dr. Yasir Qadhi  

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  • 5

    114 Tips to memorize the Quran

    Shayan Sharif on 6th Nov 2020

    10/10....amazing copy....only wish if it was a hardcover book