200 Golden Hadiths By Abdul Malik Mujahid

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Abdul Malik Mujahid
8.2 x 5.3 x 0.3 inch
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Darussalam Publications
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200 Golden Hadiths By Abdul Malik Mujahid
ISBN: 9786035001625
Author: Abdul Malik Mujahid
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 128
Size: 8.2 x 5.3 x 0.3 inch
Publication 2011
Publisher: Darussalam Publications
About This Book:
"200 Golden Hadiths" by Abdul Malik Mujahid is an extremely valuable assortment of the Prophet Muhammad's most significant and immortal colloquialisms as protected in Hadith writing. These Hadiths exemplify Islam's fundamental lessons and give significant guidance and astuteness to the two Muslims and non-Muslims. The creator has meticulously chosen 200 Hadiths that catch the pith of Islamic standards, otherworldliness, and lifestyle.
This book gives a far-reaching manual for any individual who needs to look further into Islam's standards. Every Hadith is a diamond of shrewdness, tending to different parts of life, from individual direction and morals to otherworldliness and civil rights. Abdul Malik Mujahid's work contextualizes and remarks on these Hadiths, making them available and pertinent to readers of various foundations.
Ethical Behavior:
The book dives into Hadiths that underline the worth of trustworthiness, consideration, and phenomenal person, going about as an ethical compass for Muslims.
Spirituality and devotion:
This segment jumps into Islam's profound aspects, giving experiences into petition, fasting, and demonstrations of dedication that interface adherents to the heavenly.
Social Justice and Compassion:
Hadiths on civil rights, good cause, and empathy underscore the meaning of helping those out of luck and building a fair and evenhanded society.
Personal Development:
Hadiths in the book ask for personal growth, schooling, and self-improvement.
Daily Life and Guidance:
The Hadiths give viable insight on different points going from family and local area to wellbeing and prosperity.

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