A Coloring Book of Islamic Manners By Malik Abdul Majid

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Malik Abdul Majid
5.8 x 8.3 inches
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A Coloring Book of Islamic Manners By Malik Abdul Majid
ISBN: 9781563163234
Author: Malik Abdul Majid
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 18
Size: 5.8 x 8.3 inches
Publication 2007
About This Book:
Noura Durkee, Husain Abvia, and Susan Douglass' "A History of Muslim Civilization - Volume 1" is a riveting and comprehensive overview of the rich and colorful fabric of Muslim history. This engrossing book gives readers a thorough overview of the complex path of Muslim civilizations from their birth to significant historical milestones.
Historical Depth: 
The book goes deeply into Muslim civilization's history, documenting its origins, evolution, and major events that molded its character over centuries. It covers everything from the period of the Prophet Muhammad to the early Islamic empires.
Cultural and Intellectual Insights: 
Beyond political and military history, this book delves into the contributions of Muslim civilizations to other subjects such as science, art, philosophy, and literature. It emphasizes the important role that Muslim scholars performed in the preservation and advancement of knowledge.
Geographic Diversity: 
The writers investigate the growth of Muslim civilization across wide swaths of land, from the Arabian Peninsula to Asia, Africa, and Europe. This regional variety emphasizes the far-reaching influence of Muslim culture and government.
Cultural Appreciation: 
The book encourages an appreciation for Muslim civilizations' rich and diverse cultural legacy. It delves into architecture, art, and other forms of cultural expression that have had an unforgettable effect on world history.
Readers of different backgrounds and knowledge levels will find the book to be inclusive. It invites history buffs, as well as students and educators looking for a comprehensive resource for learning about Muslim civilization.

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