A Father's Legacy - A Gift To The Believers By Abu Ibraheem Hussnayn

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Abu Ibraheem Hussnayn
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A Father's Legacy - A Gift To The Believers By Abu Ibraheem Hussnayn

"Know, my dear sons, may Allah have mercy on you, that you were not created without reason, nor did you create yourselves. Allah created mankind and jinn to worship Him alone.

The One who created all things with His statement "Be", and it was. The One who sees you in the depths of the night when nobody else is around you. The One who responds to the calls of His slaves when they call upon Him, whispering their needs, breaking down in front of the Lord of the Worlds."

In this book, the author touches on a wide variety of topics that hold vast importance in the life of every Muslim. The book is written as an advice from a father to his sons' but the subject matter is applicable to all people.

Presented in an eloquent fashion while quoting from the Quran and Sunnah, we hope this book will benefit whoever reads it.

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