A handbook of Muslim Belief By Ahmad A Galwash

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Ahmad A Galwash
5.8 x 8.3 inches
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A handbook of Muslim Belief By Ahmad A Galwash 
ISBN: 9788187570466
Author: Ahmad A Galwash
Book Binding: Softcover
Pages: 262
Size: 5.8 x 8.3 inches
Publication year: 2001
About This Book:
"A Handbook of Muslim Belief" by Ahmad A. Galwash is a compact and extensive aide that furnishes perusers with a top-to-bottom outline of Islam's principal thoughts and regulations. This book is a great asset for anyone with any interest at all in more deeply studying the essential ideas that oversee Islamic confidence.
An exceptional researcher and scholar, Ahmad A. Galwash, frames the fundamental standards of Muslim philosophy in a reasonable and congenial way. "A Handbook of Muslim Conviction" gives a guide to the ideas that drive the Islamic perspective, making it an extraordinary reference for Muslims and a significant prologue to Islam for others keen on finding out more.
This book's features include:
Clarity and Conciseness:
The book presents an unmistakable and short work of Islam's key convictions, guaranteeing that perusers grasp the center thoughts without unnecessary intricacy.
Five Pillars of Islam:
The book digs into the importance of Islam's Five Points of Support, specifying the honest standards, petition, good cause, fasting, and journey.
The Six Articles of Faith:
Perusers find out about the Six Statements of Belief, which remember conviction for God, heavenly messengers, divine books, prophets, the Day of Judgment, and heavenly prescience.
Ethical and Moral Framework:
"A Handbook of Muslim Conviction" likewise examines Islam's moral and moral system, featuring the meaning of appropriate conduct and sympathy.
Interfaith Understanding:
The book advances interfaith grasping by giving non-Muslim perusers a direct and conscious prologue to the fundamental convictions of Islam.

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