A Manual on the Rites of Umrah By Skaikh Saeed bin Alee al-Qahtaanee

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Skaikh Saeed bin Alee al-Qahtaanee
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A Manual on the Rites of Umrah By Skaikh Saeed bin Alee al-Qahtaanee
Author: Skaikh Saeed bin Alee al-Qahtaanee
Book Binding: Softcover
Pages: 167
Size: 5.8 x 8.3 inches
Publication Year: 1997
About This Book:
Sheikh Saeed bin Alee al-Qahtaanee's "A Manual on the Rites of Umrah" is a necessary and complete reference for Muslims embarking on the sacred journey of Umrah. This book is a trusted companion, providing step-by-step directions and deep insights into the rites and customs of Umrah, enriching every pilgrim's spiritual journey.
Spiritual Inquiry:
Umrah is a profoundly spiritual pilgrimage, and this book guides pilgrims through every aspect of this hallowed experience. Sheikh Saeed al-Qahtaanee contextualizes the ceremonies, assisting pilgrims in understanding the significance of each step.
Step-by-Step Instructions: 
The guide provides extensive, step-by-step instructions on how to do Umrah. Readers will receive clear directions on what to do, say, and how to connect with the divine from the moment they arrive in the Holy Land through the end of the trip.
Clarity and Certainty:
The author highlights the significance of clarity and certainty in conducting Umrah rituals. This guide ensures that pilgrims comprehend the rites, giving them confidence and calm on their spiritual journey.
Historical and Cultural Insights:
Sheikh Saeed al-Qahtaanee also provides historical and cultural insights into Umrah, providing pilgrims with a deeper perspective on the tradition's origins and place in Islamic history and culture.
A Source of Solace:
This book is a source of consolation for first-time pilgrims or those looking to enhance their understanding of Umrah. It answers pilgrims' inquiries and addresses their worries before, during, and after their journey.
A Spiritual Relationship:
Umrah is a spiritual relationship with the Almighty, not merely a physical journey. Sheikh Saeed al-Qahtaanee's book acts as a bridge, assisting pilgrims in establishing and strengthening their relationship with God.

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