Acorn and Berry Book 3 The Twins in Egypt By Sajda Nazlee

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Sajda Nazlee
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Acorn and Berry Book 3 The Twins in Egypt By Sajda Nazlee
ISBN: 9781898649809
Author: Sajda Nazlee
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 26
Size: 24x24cm
About This Book:
Young readers are welcomed back into the beautiful land of "Acorn and Berry Book 3: The Twins and the Competition" by Sajda Nazlee, where two loving characters, Acorn and Berry, embark on a fresh and thrilling adventure. This enthralling volume not only continues the fascinating stories of Acorn and Berry, but also teaches children to the concepts of cooperation, friendly competition, and the satisfaction of discovering one's own unique talents.
The Story Begins:
As the novel progresses, readers are transported into Acorn and Berry's quirky world, where the twins find themselves in a friendly competition. Sajda Nazlee constructs a story that piques children's interest and stimulates their minds, resulting in a pleasurable reading experience.
The Magic of Teamwork:
The magic of teamwork is central to the plot. As they traverse problems and work together to overcome barriers, Acorn and Berry demonstrate the power of collaboration. The book gently teaches the important lesson that accomplishments are even more enjoyable when they are achieved with cooperation and assistance.
Discovering Unique Talents:
As the twins set out on their trip, they discover their own special talents. Sajda Nazlee brilliantly creates a story that encourages children to accept their unique qualities while also appreciating the different abilities of others. The book promotes a positive message about self-discovery and celebrating each individual's unique talents.
The Happiness of Friendly rivalry:
This uplifting story discusses the happiness of friendly rivalry. Young readers learn from Acorn and Berry's travels that competition can be a source of inspiration, motivation, and, most importantly, joy. The book promotes a positive outlook on problems and highlights the benefits of friendly rivalry.

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