Arabic: Al-Muwatta Imam Malik (Combined volume 1 -2)

Dar Al-Kotob Al-ilamiyah
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Imam Malik
Explained By:
Muhammad Fawad Abdul Baqi
Hard Cover
9.7 x 7 inches
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Arabic: Al-Muwatta Imam Malik (Combined volume 1 -2) by Muhammad Fawad Abdul Baqi
ISBN: 9789933573287
Author: Imam Malik
Book Binding: Hard Cover
Pages: 688
Size: 9.7 x 7 inches
Publication Year: 2018
About This Book:
"Arabic: Al-Muwatta Imam Malik (Consolidated Volume 1-2)" is a regarded and complete gathering of Hadith and legitimate choices created by Imam Malik ibn Anas, one of Islamic statute's most perceived scholars. This huge book is a foundation of Islamic custom and regulation, filling in as an immortal reference for scholastics, understudies, and everybody keen on figuring out Islamic practice and thoughts.
Key Attributes include:
Complete Compilation:
This consolidated volume covers the sum of Al-Muwatta Imam Malik, including the two Books 1 and 2, giving perusers a total and bound together gathering of Hadith and lawful choices.
Complete Compilation:
Written in Arabic, the book holds Imam Malik's unique language, permitting perusers to associate straightforwardly with the fundamental wellspring of Islamic practice.
Hadith Collection:
Al-Muwatta has a huge assortment of certifiable Hadith (Prophetic practices) that give critical bits of knowledge into the life and lessons of the Prophet Muhammad (harmony arrive).
Legal Rulings:
Imam Malik's gathering contains exhaustive legitimate choices (Fiqh) on different themes, including love, trade, family regulation, from there, the sky is the limit.
Scholarly Authority:
Imam Malik was a notable master of Islamic regulation and Hadith. His work is viewed as one of the most genuine and reliable wellsprings of Islamic guidance.
Historical Significance:
Al-Muwatta is a crucial record for the improvement of Islamic regulation and practice since it is one of the earliest and most compelling gatherings of Islamic statute.
Structured Format:
The book is organized, with Hadith and lawful decisions coordinated by subject, making it an open reference for explicit areas of interest.
Contemporary Relevance:
While moored in the verifiable setting of early Islam, Al-Muwatta's lessons stay significant in tending to introduce moral and legitimate worries.

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