Arabic Alphabet Floor Puzzle

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Arabic Alphabet Floor Puzzle
ISBN: 9789351791713
Author: Saniyasnain Khan
Book Binding: Box Packing
Publication Year: 2018
About This Book:
The "Arabic Alphabet Floor Puzzle" is a fun and instructive learning tool that introduces youngsters and novices to the beauty of Arabic script. This jumbo-sized floor puzzle teaches the Arabic alphabet in an engaging and hands-on manner, making it a great resource for children and learners of all ages.
Key characteristics include:
Massive Learning Fun:
This floor puzzle is an outstanding and aesthetically appealing approach to learn the Arabic letters. It turns learning letters into an entertaining and participatory journey by using large, easy-to-handle pieces.
Colorful graphics:
The puzzle's graphics are bright and fascinating, blending Arabic letters with enticing imagery that grab children's imaginations. This visual tool helps students associate letters with visuals, making learning both successful and enjoyable.
Letter Recognition:
"The "Arabic Alphabet Floor Puzzle" helps youngsters recognize and memorize each letter of the Arabic alphabet. The bigger letters make it simple for young students to acquire and enjoy the Arabic script's forms and sounds.
Educational Playtime:
This puzzle not only teaches the Arabic alphabet but also promotes cognitive growth, problem-solving abilities, and hand-eye coordination. It turns playing into a chance for development and learning.
Group Activity:
The floor puzzle is suitable for group activities at home or in the classroom. It promotes collaborative learning experiences by allowing students to finish the puzzle and learn the Arabic alphabet together.
Durable and reusable:
The puzzle pieces are made of durable materials and are intended to survive repeated usage. This allows youngsters to play with the puzzle for an extended amount of time, strengthening their mastery of the Arabic letters.

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