Atlas Seerat An-Nabwi (SAW) (Urdu) By Shawqi Abu Khalil

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Shawqi Abu Khalil
8.3 x 11.7 inches
Publication Year:
First Adition
Darussalam Publications
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Atlas Seerat An-Nabwi (SAW) (Urdu) By Shawqi Abu Khalil
ISBN: 9789960899060
Author: Shawqi Abu Khalil
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 512
Size: 8.3 x 11.7 inches
About This Book:
Shawqi Abu Khalil's "Atlas Seerat An-Nabwi (SAW)" is an exceptional and outwardly enamoring Urdu book that portrays the life and excursion of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) through guides and drawings. This exceptional chart book, composed by Shawqi Abu Khalil, provides perusers with a spatial and logical comprehension of the Prophet's (SAW) significant occasions and regions.
Overview of the Content:
The map book portrays the many phases of Prophet Muhammad's (SAW) life, starting with his introduction to the world in Mecca and going on with his relocation to Medina, clashes, and significant occasions in his prophethood. Each guide is supplemented by nitty gritty clarifications, verifiable foundation, and implications to Quranic stanzas and Hadith, giving an exhaustive and outwardly convincing outline of the Seerat An-Nabwi.
An approach that is novel:
What recognizes "Map book Seerat An-Nabwi (SAW)" is its clever procedure of relating history. The book consolidates guides to furnish perusers with spatial information on the Prophet's (SAW) life, making it an open and intriguing asset for individuals, everything being equal. The realistic depiction of significant areas and excursions gives another level to Seerah's review.
Maps and illustrations in great detail:
The chart book incorporates broad guides and pictures that stress geographic destinations connected with huge occasions in the existence of the Prophet (SAW). From the consecrated areas of the Kaaba to the Skirmish of Badr, each guide is planned to further develop the comprehension peruser might interpret the Seerat An-Nabwi's authentic and geological setting.

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