Be a Muslim Husband By Shaykh Muhammad S. Adly

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Shaykh Muhammad S. Adly
8.5 x 5.5 x inch
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Be a Muslim Husband By Shaykh Muhammad S. Adly
Author: Shaykh Muhammad S. Adly
Book Binding: Softcover
Pages: 44
Size: 8.5 x 5.5 x inch
Publication Year: 2012
About This Book:
Shaykh Muhammad S. Adly's "Be a Muslim Husband" is a scholarly and practical handbook that provides crucial insights and guidance for Muslim men seeking to fulfill their obligations as husbands within the framework of Islamic teachings. Shaykh Adly presents readers with a thorough plan for cultivating healthy, loving, and happy relationships by drawing on Islamic teachings and ethical ideals.
Key characteristics include:
Islamic Perspective:
The book is solidly anchored in Islamic principles, emphasizing the significance of following the Quran and Sunnah (Prophetic traditions) in marriage. It provides a clear Islamic framework for comprehending a Muslim husband's obligations and duties.
Role Clarity:
Shaykh Adly discusses the duties and obligations of Muslim spouses in the family unit. In order to establish a peaceful marriage, he emphasizes the importance of leadership, support, and compassion.
Communication and Understanding:
The book offers important insights into efficient communication and conflict resolution in a marriage partnership. It promotes open and respectful communication, allowing partners to better understand and support one another.
Respect and Love:
Shaykh Adly emphasizes the significance of mutual respect and affection in a marriage. He investigates the Quranic concepts of "mawaddah" (affection) and "rahmah" (mercy) as essential ingredients of a good marriage partnership.
Practical Advice:
The book provides practical advice on a variety of topics related to married life, such as financial responsibility, intimacy, and children. It gives readers specific methods to improve their responsibilities as spouses.
Spiritual Enrichment:
"Be a Muslim Husband" urges spouses to focus their spiritual growth and relationship with Allah in order to enrich their marriages. It emphasizes the need of prayer and thankfulness in preserving a strong marriage relationship.
Shaykh Muhammad S. Adly is a well-known Islamic scholar noted for his dedication to disseminating Islamic teachings. His authoritative leadership maintains the content's authenticity and dependability.

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