Bulugh-ul-Maram (2 Vol Set) (Urdu) By Mawlana Abdul-Wakeel Alawi

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Mawlana Abdul-Wakeel Alawi
5.8 x 8.3 inches
Darussalam Publications
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Bulugh-ul-Maram (2 Vol Set) (Urdu) By Mawlana Abdul-Wakeel Alawi
ISBN: 9782987460084
Author: Mawlana Abdul-Wakeel Alawi
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 992
Size: 5.8 x 8.3 inches
About This Book:
Mawlana Abdul-Wakeel Alawi's "Bulugh-ul-Maram" is a two-volume book in Urdu that delves into the timeless compilation of Hadiths known as "Bulugh-ul-Maram." This treatise, written by Mawlana Abdul-Wakeel Alawi, a famous Islamic scholar, is an excellent resource for individuals seeking a greater grasp of Islamic jurisprudence and the practical application of Hadith in daily life.
Overview of the Content:
The contents of "Bulugh-ul-Maram," a compilation of Hadiths covering all elements of Islamic jurisprudence, ethics, and daily conduct, are meticulously unraveled in the two volumes. Mawlana Abdul-Wakeel Alawi delves into the meaning of each Hadith, providing explanations, context, and insights into how they can be used. The book covers a wide range of issues, such as prayer, fasting, charity, family matters, and legal rulings, providing readers with a thorough overview to Islamic principles.
The expertise of the Author:
Mawlana Abdul-Wakeel Alawi, well-known for his contributions to Islamic literature, provides a wealth of knowledge and competence in the interpretation of "Bulugh-ul-Maram." His extensive knowledge of Hadith literature assures that the content is based on legitimate sources, giving readers a trustworthy and well-explained interpretation of the Hadiths.
Practical Example:
In addition to providing the Hadiths, the author emphasizes on their practical relevance in Muslims' lives. Mawlana Abdul-Wakeel Alawi explains how each Hadith relates to modern conditions, educating readers on how to incorporate the lessons into their daily lives and creating a more profound relationship with Islamic ideals.

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