Duroos Al Islam For Beginners, Arabic Text With Transliteration & Translation

Majlis Daawatul Haqq Of North America
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Duroos Al Islam For Beginners , Arabic Text With Transliteration & Translation 
About This Book:
"Duroos Al Islam For Beginners" is a far-reaching and imperative asset expected to teach beginners about the universe of Islam with a strong groundwork in Arabic, key Islamic lessons, and a reasonable handle of the confidence's standards and practices. This book, written in Arabic with literal interpretation and English, is a brilliant beginning stage for anyone with any interest at all in finding out about and tolerating Islam.
Key Qualities include:Arabic Text:
The book contains the first Arabic text of huge Islamic lessons, for example, Quran sections, Hadith (expressions and demonstrations of the Prophet Muhammad), and significant supplications, making it a certified and reliable wellspring of Islamic information.
For people who are new to the Arabic language, the book gives a literal interpretation of the Arabic text, permitting perusers to articulate and rehash the words accurately. This capability speeds up the growing experience and assists understudies with further developing their Arabic language capacities.
"Duroos Al Islam For Fledglings" gives a precise and clear English interpretation of the Arabic text. This interpretation ensures that perusers handle the words as well as the more profound implications and messages included inside Islamic lessons.
Comprehensive Content:
The book covers many topics, including the basics of Islamic conviction (Aqeedah), demonstrations of love (Ibadah), morals and ethics, Islamic history, and the life story of the Prophet Muhammad. A far-reaching handbook addresses the issues of beginners in their craving to find out about Islam.
User-Friendly Format:
The book is rested up in an easy-to-understand style, with every point introduced just and soundly. This permits perusers to learn at their own speed, making it available and interesting for individuals of various foundations and ages.

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