Fatawa Nikah O Talaq (Urdu) By Hafiz Imran Ayub Lahori

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Hafiz Imran Ayub Lahori
5.8 x 8.3 inches
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Fatawa Nikah O Talaq (Urdu) By Hafiz Imran Ayub Lahori
ISBN: 9782987458708
Author: Hafiz Imran Ayub Lahori
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 125
Size: 5.8 x 8.3 inches
Publication Year: 2006
About This Book:
Hafiz Imran Ayub Lahori's "Fatawa Nikah O Talaq" is a comprehensive and authoritative collection of Islamic jurisprudential decisions (fatawa) on marriage (Nikah) and divorce (Talaq). Hafiz Imran Ayub Lahori, a distinguished Islamic scholar, provides in-depth insights into the complexities of Islamic family law in this Urdu-language text, offering practical counsel for those navigating the complex concerns of marriage and divorce in conformity with Islamic principles.
Overview of the Content:
The book is precisely designed to cover numerous facets of Islam's Nikah (marriage) and Talaq (divorce). Hafiz Imran Ayub Lahori dives into themes such as the requirements for a lawful marriage, the rights and responsibilities of spouses, the legal procedures for divorce, and the ethical aspects surrounding family matters, drawing on classical Islamic jurisprudence. The fatawa in the book is based on a thorough study of Islamic legal traditions.
The expertise of the Author:
Hafiz Imran Ayub Lahori offers the subject a wealth of scholastic knowledge and expertise. His work displays a devotion to Islam's true teachings and is distinguished by a balanced approach that takes into account both the legal and ethical sides of family concerns. The author's background as a Hafiz and academic adds to the legitimacy and dependability of the advice in the book.
Practical Advice on Current Issues:
What distinguishes "Fatawa Nikah O Talaq" is its applicability to contemporary difficulties Muslims experience in marriage and divorce. While being firmly founded in Islamic jurisprudence, the author addresses difficulties in the context of modern culture. As a result, the book is a great resource for people looking for practical solutions to family-related issues while adhering to Islamic beliefs.

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