Festivals & Celebrations in Islam By Muhammad al-Jibaly

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Muhammad al-Jibaly
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Festivals & Celebrations in Islam By Muhammad al-Jibaly
ISBN: 9781891229237
Author: Muhammad al-Jibaly
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 245
Size: 17x24cm
Publication Year: 2005
About This Book:
"Festivals & Celebrations in Islam" by Muhammad al-Jibaly delves into the Islamic perspective on festivals and celebrations. This enlightening book guides the reader through Islamic concepts and teachings on festivities, offering light on the Islamic perspective on numerous celebrations and cultural activities.
Understanding Islamic Principles: 
Muhammad al-Jibaly delves into the Islamic principles that guide the Muslim community in celebration. The book explains the standards established by Islam for judging the propriety of festivals and festivities, giving Muslims with a clear framework for navigating cultural traditions in conformity with their faith.
Unraveling Cultural Influences: 
Al-Jibaly investigates the impact of cultural practices on Islamic festivals, providing readers with a critical viewpoint on distinguishing real Islamic traditions from cultural conventions. The book urges Muslims to embrace their distinct Islamic identity while traversing varied cultural landscapes with tolerance.
Eid and Other Celebrations:
"Festivals & Celebrations in Islam" dives into the Islamic celebration of Eid and other festivals, providing readers with a thorough grasp of the significance, customs, and right conduct during these festive times. Al-Jibaly uses Islamic teachings to educate believers in their celebrations, instilling a sense of the spiritual and community dimensions of these occasions.
Navigating Modern issues:
The book covers modern issues linked with festivals and festivities, providing practical advise on how Muslims should uphold their religious ideals in the face of societal influences. Al-Jibaly invites readers to think about Islamic teachings and make informed decisions that are consistent with their faith and values.

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