Fiery Ambitions: The Fuel That Produces Greatness By Muhammad Ismail Al Muqaddim

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Muhammad ibn Ismail al-Muqaddim
8.8 x 6.0 x 1.0 inch
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Fiery Ambitions: The Fuel That Produces Greatness By Muhammad Ismail Al Muqaddim
ISBN: 9786035013482
Author: Muhammad ibn Ismail al-Muqaddim
Book Binding:Hardcover
Pages 491
Size:8.8 x 6.0 x 1.0 inch
Publication year:2020
About This Book:
"Fiery Ambitions: The Fuel That Produces Greatness" by Muhammad Ismail al-Muqaddim is an interesting book that explores the critical role ambition plays in achieving greatness. The author said a goal without a plan is just a desire, not a goal to achieve your goal you need to be more passionate about your work or goal whatever you settled for yourself. He illustrates how ambition can be a powerful driver for positive change by drawing inspiration from historical leaders and philosophers. The book is divided into three sections that explore various facets of ambition.
The first section,"The Nature of Ambition," dives into the many varieties of ambition and what inspires them. He highlights that ambition, depending on its goal, can be either productive or destructive. Your goal you settled for your life must be a progressive goal that helps you to grow in your life rather than destructive desires
The second section,"The Benefits of Ambition," discusses the several advantages of having a strong ambition. The desires force us to work hard for our goals. Positive behavior is too effective for achieving any kind of goal. Furthermore, he claims that ambition promotes personal development by providing us with a sense of purpose and pushing us to strive for perfection.
In the third section,"How to Develop Ambition," al-Muqaddim offers practical guidance on cultivating a strong ambition. He highlights the importance of having specific goals, taking decisive action, and overcoming hurdles along the road. He also emphasizes the significance of keeping a positive mindset and cultivating self-belief along the trip.
"Fiery Ambitions: The Fuel That Produces Greatness" is a well-written and informative book that provides a thorough knowledge of the importance of ambition.
Fiery Ambitions – by Allah’s permission – has been a spectacular jolt of strength and optimism for many Muslims across the globe. Through it, you will be infused – Allah willing – with pride in your religion as well as in the unrivalled inspiring personalities who adhered to it throughout history. You will read about the princes of piety, the sages of scholarship, the chiefs of charity, the captains of courage, the authorities in altruism… and the secret to becoming one of them!To the overachieving soul who is not content with only reading about exceptional human beings and yearns to find a seat amongst them: pull this book close. To the adamant soul who has tried to unlock the code to greatness for years, but to no avail: discover the treasure map in these pages. To the pure, pious soul who is not satisfied with one lifetime of good deeds and earnestly wishes to be a source of inspiration long after departing this world: make that a reality with Fiery Ambitions. 

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