Good and Evil By Sheikh Al-Sha'rawi

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Sheikh Al-Sha'rawi
5.8 x 8.3 inches
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Good and Evil By Sheikh Al-Sha'rawi
ISBN: 9781870582254
Author: Sheikh Al-Sha'rawi
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 73
Size: 5.8 x 8.3 inches
About This Book:
Sheik Al-Sha'rawi's "Good and Evil" is a spellbinding examination of the immortal standards of profound quality, morals, and the timeless clash among great and underhanded inside the structure of Islamic convictions. Sheik Al-Sha'rawi, an eminent Islamic researcher, plunges into Quranic texts and Prophetic customs to make sense of the idea of good and malevolence, giving savvy bits of knowledge into how people can deal with life's ethical intricacy.
Getting to the Heart of Good and Evil
Sheik Al-Sha'rawi sets out on a significant excursion to find the substance of temperance and detestable as it is figured out in Islam. The book digs into the basic ideas that describe uprightness and the ethical issues associated with evil, drawing on the rich woven artwork of Quranic shrewdness. Al-Sha'rawi clarifies the difference between these contradicting powers, offering light on their profound, moral, and social aspects.
Moral Instruction from Islamic Sources
The examination of moral guidance acquired from Islamic practices is key to the book. Al-Sha'rawi masterfully explores the street of exemplary nature and ethicalness utilizing Quranic sections and Hadiths (Prophetic practices). The book turns into a wellspring of moral clearness, furnishing perusers with a guide for settling on choices as per Islamic standards and fostering an existence of goodness and moral honesty.
The Battle Against Evil
Sheik Al-Sha'rawi tends to the timeless clash between great and wickedness, giving experiences into the troubles that people experience in supporting moral trustworthiness. The book perceives the complexities of human instinct and gives reasonable exhortation on opposing enticements, beating indecencies, and effectively adding to the headway of good in the public eye.

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