Iqra The Quick Learning Method Of Learning To Read Al-Quran By Ustaz Haji Asad Humam

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Ustaz Haji Asad Humam
32 Each Book
8 x 5.7 x 0.1 Inch Booklet
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Iqra The Quick Learning Method Of Learning To Read Al-Quran By Ustaz Haji Asad Humam
ISBN: 9789839494488
Author: Ustaz Haji Asad Humam
Book Binding: Paperback
Pages: 32 Each Book
Size: 8 x 5.7 x 0.1 Inch Booklet
About This Book:
"Iqra: The Quick Learning Method of Learning to Read Al-Quran" by Ustaz Haji Asad Humam is a unique and practical way to acquiring the art of reading the Quran. This book gives a dynamic and effective way for learners of all ages and backgrounds to commence on their road to confidently and proficiently read and understand the holy Quran.
Key Features:
Revolutionary Quranic Reading way:
Ustaz Haji Asad Humam proposes a revolutionary way of Quranic reading that promotes both speed and accuracy. "Iqra" provides a simplified way to learning Arabic writing and pronunciation, allowing students to make quick progress.
Comprehensive and systematic:
The book provides a planned program that takes students from the fundamentals of Arabic script to advanced Quranic reading. Each class is carefully planned to build on the one before it, delivering a progressive and successful learning experience.
Accessible to All:
All Learners Can Participate: "Iqra" is designed for students of all ages and backgrounds. This book caters to a wide spectrum of learners, whether you are a novice with no prior understanding of Arabic or someone wishing to improve their Quranic reading abilities.
Interactive Learning:
To encourage learning, the book includes interactive activities, practice drills, and pronunciation guidelines. This hands-on method assists students in better grasping the Arabic alphabet as well as Quranic words and phrases.
Clear and Concise Explanations:
Ustaz Haji Asad Humam's explanations are straightforward and succinct, making even the most difficult Arabic writing and pronunciation standards intelligible to novices. His attentive and engaging teaching style allows students to move at their own speed.
Spiritual Connection:
Beyond language development, "Iqra" acknowledges the spiritual dimension of reading the Quran. It highlights the significance of comprehending the message of the Quran and links students to the profound spirituality contained in Quranic recitation.
Authoritative Guidance:
Ustaz Haji Asad Humam is a recognized authority in Quranic education, and he has used his years of teaching experience to build a highly effective and user-friendly learning resource.

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