Islam for Younger People By Ghulam Sarwar

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Ghulam Sarwar
5.8 x 8.3 inches
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Islam for Younger People By Ghulam Sarwar
ISBN: 978090726140
Author: Ghulam Sarwar
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 64
Size: 5.8 x 8.3 inches
About This Book:
Ghulam Sarwar's "Islam for Younger People" is an engaging and available prologue to Islam's fundamental ideas and lessons designed only for youthful perusers. The creator endeavors to introduce a full handle of Islamic confidence with clearness and effortlessness, directing youthful personalities on a way of disclosure and mindfulness about their own character.
Simplified Islamic Foundations:
The book starts by drawing out the basics of Islam in a clear way. Ghulam Sarwar acquaints youthful perusers with the crucial standards, practices, and values that comprise the groundwork of Islamic confidence, making the material receptive and appealing.
Prophet Muhammad and Islamic History:
Investigation of the existence of Prophet Muhammad (harmony arrive) and significant occasions in Islamic history is a focal concentration. Ghulam Sarwar presents these tales in a fascinating way, permitting youthful perusers to draw in with the Prophet's rousing stories and illustrations.
Understanding the Quran:
The writer plunges into the Quran's significance, unraveling its topics, accounts, and guidance for youthful perusers. Ghulam Sarwar cultivates a familiarity with the Quranic lessons by associating youthful personalities with the holy text.
Simplified Prayer and Worship:
Viable pieces of Islamic love, like the idea of Salah (supplication), are shown in an improved structure. The book presents bit-by-bit clarifications, simplifying it for youthful perusers to get a handle on the meaning of day-to-day supplications in Islam.

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  • 5

    My son loves this book.

    Wayne D on 8th Aug 2021

    I have not read this book as of yet. My son on the other hand, I have caught reading a couple times.