Islamic Economics: The Ultimate Alternative By Dr. M. A Ghanem

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Mohamed Ghanem
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Islamic Economics: The Ultimate Alternative By Dr. M. A Ghanem 
ISBN: 9780954497422
Author: Mohamed Ghanem
Book Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 244
Size: 8.9 X 5.7 X 0.5
Publication Year: 2013
About This Book:
Dr. M. A. Ghanem's "Islamic Economics: The Ultimate Alternative" gives an exhaustive assessment of the thoughts and ideas driving Islamic financial matters. This book gives a special viewpoint on monetary hypothesis and practice that is secured in Islamic standards and morals, making it a priceless asset for scientists, understudies, policymakers, and everybody keen on figuring out the Islamic financial framework.
In "Islamic Financial Matters:
A Definitive Other option," Dr. M. A. Ghanem analyzes the monetary system in light of Islamic standards and lessons from top to bottom. The accompanying principal bits of knowledge are given to perusers in the book:
Foundations of Islamic Economics:
Dr. Ghanem gives the basis to Islamic financial matters by illustrating fundamental thoughts like the restriction of usury (riba), the need for abundance circulation (zakat), and the moral worries that direct monetary activities.
Comparative Analysis:
The book gives a relative assessment of Islamic financial matters and ordinary monetary frameworks, underlining the remarkable qualities and advantages of the Islamic way of dealing with financial design.
Wealth Distribution:
Dr. Ghanem dives into the subject of abundance dissemination in Islam, featuring the significance of fair pay dispersion and civil rights as significant parts of the Islamic financial hypothesis.
Entrepreneurship and Trade:
From an Islamic perspective, the book tends to business, business, and market elements, exhibiting how Islamic standards might lead to financial activities here.
Case Studies:
Dr. Ghanem utilizes true contextual analyses and guides to exhibit how Islamic financial thoughts might be utilized in various conditions, including banking, money, and trade.
The book examines the subject of monetary manageability and assets to the executives, considering Islamic lessons on asset stewardship and mindful asset utilization.

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