Islamic Rulings for Incarcerated Muslims (Vol. 1)

Tarbiyyah Publications
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Tarbiyyah Publishing
5.8 x 8.3 inches
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Islamic Rulings for Incarcerated Muslims (Vol. 1)
ISBN: 9780977058150
Author: Tarbiyyah Publishing
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 96
Size: 5.8 x 8.3 inches
Publication Year: 2007
About This Book:
A distinct set of difficulties is encountered by Muslims who are imprisoned inside the complex web of Islamic law. "Islamic Rulings for Incarcerated Muslims (Vol. 1)" aims to clarify the various concerns that emerge in the setting of incarceration and offers thorough advice based on Islamic precepts. For Muslims who are incarcerated and trying to understand the nuances of their faith while confined, this ground-breaking book is a source of wisdom and comfort.
Sustaining Spiritual Fortitude While incarcerated
Although being incarcerated can be a difficult test of one's faith, this chapter explores the methods and techniques that enable Muslims who are serving time in prison to remain resilient spiritually. This section provides helpful guidance on maintaining and strengthening one's relationship with God in trying circumstances, from setting up regular prayers to finding comfort in reciting the Quran.
Ramadan and Fasting in the Confines
For Muslim prisoners, the holy month of Ramadan presents particular difficulties. The intricacies of fasting while confined are examined in this chapter, covering topics like modifying prayer timings, obtaining halal food, and requesting authorization for group Taraweeh prayers. The insightful information provided to readers will help them observe the holy month with observance of Islamic law and devotion.
Advocacy and Legal Rights in the Penal System
A Muslim who is incarcerated must successfully navigate the legal system. This section looks at Muslim prisoners' legal rights to make sure they know what they are entitled to while detained. This chapter guides enabling Muslims in the criminal justice system, covering topics such as access to religious resources and the freedom to practice their religion.

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