It's Storytime: The Story of Prophet Abraham with Zaky

One 4 Kids
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43 Mins
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It's Storytime: The Story of Prophet Abraham with Zaky 
ISBN: 9337463010071
Author: One 4 Kids
Book Binding: Box Packing
Pages: 43 Mins
About This Product:
"It's Storytime: The Story of Prophet Abraham with Zaky" is an enchanting and flawlessly drawn kids' book that transports youthful perusers to the universe of Prophet Abraham, a worshiped figure in Islamic history. The book rejuvenates the honest immortal story, dedication, and the tough connection between a prophet and his Maker through the engaging person of Zaky.
In this superb story, young people will join Zaky, a wonderful and congenial person, out traveling to find out about Prophet Abraham's astonishing life. Youthful perusers will find out about the difficulties and victories persevered by this well-known prophet, from his modest starting points to his unflinching confidence in God's direction, by means of a clear and engaging story.
The book skillfully blends narrating and splendid pictures to make Prophet Abraham's story congenial and interesting to offspring, everything being equal. It stresses significant characteristics like confidence, trust, and empathy, making it a magnificent asset for guardians, instructors, and strict pioneers wishing to show significant illustrations to youthful perusers.
"It's Storytime: The Account of Prophet Abraham with Zaky" shows young people Prophet Abraham's life, however, it additionally ingrains key moral and otherworldly lessons that can assist them with arranging life's concerns with effortlessness and fortitude. It is a phenomenal device for showing youths Islamic convictions while likewise imparting an adoration for perusing and narrating in them.

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