Jinn By Shaykh DR. Muhammad Raslan

Markaz Tawheed Was-Sunnah
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Shaykh DR. Muhammad Raslan
15 X 22
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Jinn By Shaykh DR. Muhammad Raslan

ISBN: 9781467518925
Author: Shaykh DR. Muhammad Raslan
Book Binding: Softcover
Size: 15 X 22
Language: English
About This Book:
The book "Jinn" was written by Shaykh Dr. Muhammad Raslan. This book examines the role of jinn in Islamic spirituality and theology. Shaykh A well-known academic with specialization in Islamic studies, particularly in the study of jinn and other supernatural beings, is Dr. Muhammad Raslan. He clarifies the ideas, traits, and interactions of jinn in Islamic teachings through his research and expertise. The book explores a variety of jinn-related topics, including their existence, makeup, powers, and interactions with people. Their significance in Islamic history, folklore, and Quranic narratives may also be discussed.
About The Author:
Shaykh DR. Muhammad Raslan Indeed The world of the jinn is from the affairs of the Unseen which are obligatory upon the Muslim to have the belief and certainty in its existence. Within the hands of the noble reader is the book Jinn by the shaykh Muhammed Saeed Raslan. The Shaykh addresses this captivating topic by way of texts of the Quran, the Sunnah, and the statements and narrations of the salaf.
From the topics discussed are:
- Types of Jinn and their names.
- Physical appearance of the jinn.
- Powers and Abilities of the Jinn.
- Shape shifting.
- Advanced technology of the jinn.
- Sleep paralysis and the jinn.
- Jinn possession.
- The evil rebellious jinn.
- The hideous appearance of Shaytan.
- Transportation of the jinn.
- Food and Drink of the Jinn.
- Dwellings of the Jinn.
- Lifespan of the jinn.
- Inside are two additional Short Books.
My advice to the Jinn from Ahlus Sunnah and Jinn possession its reality and its causes.

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