Juzz Amma with Colour Coded Tajweed Rules: Persian ,Pakistani ,Indian Script.

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Juzz Amma with Colour Coded Tajweed Rules: Persian ,Pakistani ,Indian Script,
Author: Allah
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 64
Size: 9.3 x 7.1 x 0.1 Inch
About This Book:
With the expertly produced "Juzz Amma with Color Coded Tajweed Rules," embark on a visually fascinating journey through Juzz Amma, the 30th portion of the Quran. This one-of-a-kind edition, available in Persian, Pakistani, and Indian scripts, is intended to improve your recitation by including color-coded Tajweed regulations. Explore the lovely verses of Juzz Amma with clarity and precision as you immerse yourself in the holy beauty of the Quran.
Color-Coded Tajweed Rules: 
One of the edition's standout features is the inclusion of color-coded Tajweed rules. Each Tajweed rule is visually defined by a different color, allowing for a clear and practical comprehension of perfect Quranic verse pronunciation and recitation.
Scripts in Persian, Pakistani, and Indian:
This book caters to a varied readership by presenting the Quranic text in three different scripts: Persian, Pakistani, and Indian. Readers from these linguistic backgrounds will find the sacred passages familiar and easy to engage with, ensuring a meaningful and accessible reading experience.
Enhanced Recitation Experience:
Color-coded Tajweed regulations not only serve as a visual help but also contribute to an improved recitation experience. As you progress through Juzz Amma, you'll notice that applying Tajweed guidelines becomes a natural and seamless aspect of your recitation, bringing a musical and rhythmic character to your interaction with the Quran.
Learners can access:
This edition is suitable for readers of all levels, whether you are a seasoned reciter or a learner looking to enhance your Tajweed. The color-coded principles serve as a guide for proper pronunciation, making it an important resource for students looking to improve their recitation abilities.

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