Kitab At-tawhid By Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhab

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Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhab
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Kitab At-tawhid By Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhab
ISBN: 9782987469353
Author: Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhab
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 166
About This Book:
Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhab's "Kitab At-Tawhid" is a foundational work in Islamic literature, admired for its clarity, precision, and devotion to Islam's monotheistic ideals. This timeless work provides a complete introduction to the concept of Tawhid, or Allah's oneness, and its ramifications for a believer's faith and activity.
Tawhid exploration: 
Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhab meticulously investigates the notion of Tawhid, explaining Allah's oneness in His lordship, adoration, and divine names and qualities. The book gives readers a thorough understanding of Islamic theology's core principle and its relevance in developing the believer's connection with Allah.
Quranic Verses and Hadiths: 
To substantiate its arguments and teachings, "Kitab At-Tawhid" depends heavily on Quranic verses and Hadiths (sayings of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him). The book assures the validity and fidelity of its message by anchoring the topic in basic Islamic sources.
Misconceptions Clarified: 
In addition to explaining the affirmative features of Tawhid, the book addresses common misconceptions and deviations that may jeopardize a believer's grasp of monotheism. Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhab offers concise explanations and refutations, steering readers away from potential errors and toward a thorough comprehension of Tawhid.
Practical Application in Daily Life:
"Kitab At-Tawhid" goes beyond academic talks, providing insights into how the concepts of Tawhid can be practically applied in daily life. The author invites readers to consider Tawhid's moral and spiritual dimensions, forging a link between religion and conduct in the pursuit of a decent and meaningful life.

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