Learn the Language of the Holy Quran By Abdallah Nadwi

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Abdallah Nadwi
10x7 inches
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Learn the Language of the Holy Quran By Abdallah Nadwi
ISBN: 9781563160097
Author: Abdallah Nadwi
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 420
Size: 10x7 inches
Publication Year: 2000
About This Book:
Abdallah Nadwi's "Learn the Language of the Holy Quran" takes you on a transforming journey through the profound lessons of the Holy Quran. This illuminating guide is painstakingly constructed to provide readers with a thorough comprehension of the language that encapsulates the heavenly wisdom of the Quran. A seasoned scholar, Abdallah Nadwi, unravels the linguistic nuances of the Quran, providing a key to unlocking its spiritual richness and forging a closer relationship with the sacred text.
Unveiling the Linguistic Tapestry
Unveiling the Linguistic Tapestry Dive into the rich tapestry of Arabic, the vehicle through which the Quran transmits its timeless lessons. Abdallah Nadwi explores the linguistic intricacies that make Arabic the preferred language for the revelation of the Holy Quran, elucidating eloquence, beauty, and clarity. Readers are introduced to the core principles that comprise the Quran's language environment through captivating narratives and illustrations.
The Quranic Context and the Power of Words
Investigate the deep influence of particular Quranic phrases and their contextual relevance. Abdallah Nadwi walks readers through the weight and richness of Quranic terminology, revealing the layered meanings that enhance the verses. Discover how each word is chosen with care, showing a heavenly mastery of language that transcends time and resonates with profound wisdom.
Grammar as a Springboard to Understanding
Abdallah Nadwi guides you through the grammar of the Quran, making it accessible to both new learners and seasoned experts. This chapter deconstructs the linguistic complexities that shape the eloquence and coherence of the Quranic verses, from verb conjugations to sentence structures. Understanding language becomes a tool to accessing the heavenly text's deeper layers of significance.

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    Unknown on 3rd May 2020

    I personally feel this book is must in every household to review the the rules of Quran as a family frequently. The shipment was quick, OIB team was prompt to answer my questions accommodate my last moment changes . Will definitely recommend OIB.