Learn to Write Arabic Alphabet Board Book اكتب الحروف العربية

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Goodword Books
10 x 10 inch
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Learn to Write Arabic Alphabet Board Book
ISBN: 9789351791126
Author: Goodword Books
Binding: Boardbook
Pages: 20
Size: 10 x 10 inch
About This Book:
"Learn to Write Arabic Alphabet" is an enthralling board book that introduces young readers to the beauty and elegance of the Arabic alphabet. This instructional resource, designed for youngsters, turns the process of learning Arabic letters into an exciting and interactive experience. This board book makes learning Arabic writing skills both interesting and educational, thanks to its bright images and interactive approach.
Interactive Learning: 
The board book format fosters hands-on participation by allowing children to practice writing Arabic letters directly on the pages with erasable markers. This kinesthetic technique improves learning and assists in the development of fine motor skills.
Clear and Vibrant Illustrations: 
Each page has clear illustrations of Arabic letters, as well as words and imagery that go with them. The vivid visuals hold children's attention, making learning pleasurable and visually intriguing.
Sequential Learning: 
The book is organized logically and methodically introduces Arabic letters. It starts with the fundamentals and develops to more advanced letters, giving an organized learning route for young readers.
Bilingual Support:
Including both Arabic script and English transliterations ensures accessibility for children and parents who are unfamiliar with the Arabic language. This bilingual assistance encourages a collaborative learning atmosphere.

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