Let's Read & Write Arabic (Book Two) By Fadel Ibrahim Abdallah

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Fadel Ibrahim Abdallah
8.3 x 11.7 inches
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Let's Read & Write Arabic (Book Two) By Fadel Ibrahim Abdallah
ISBN: 9781563160066
Author: Fadel Ibrahim Abdallah
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 80
Size: 8.3 x 11.7 inches
Publication 2006
About This Book:
"Let's Read & Write Arabic (Book Two)" is an important resource for Arabic language learners looking to improve their reading and writing skills. This book, written by Fadel Ibrahim Abdallah, is a meticulously prepared guide designed to take students on an interesting trip through the complexities of the Arabic alphabet.
Seamless Progression: 
"Let's Read & Write Arabic (Book Two)" offers a planned and logical development in Arabic language acquisition, building on the foundation built in the first book. It walks students through more sophisticated areas of the script, increasing their proficiency.
Comprehensive Arabic Script: 
To ensure that students are well-equipped to read and write Arabic in a variety of circumstances, this book covers a wide range of Arabic scripts, including both printed and handwritten styles.
Exercises and Practical tasks: 
The author includes a variety of exercises and practical tasks to reinforce learning. These tasks are aimed to improve both reading and writing skills, and range from tracing and reproducing Arabic characters to composing phrases and short paragraphs.
Vocabulary and Context: 
The book contains valuable Arabic terminology and phrases that lend context and meaning to the writing. This helps pupils learn how Arabic is utilized in everyday contexts and improves their language understanding.
Cultural Insights: 
In addition to language training, "Let's Read & Write Arabic" provides cultural insights that help learners better comprehend Arabic-speaking communities, traditions, and ways of life.
Ideal for Self-study or Classroom Use:
Whether you are an independent learner or a teacher looking for effective language tools, this book is appropriate for both self-study and classroom use. It is a flexible tool due to its systematic approach and extensive information.

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