Life is a Fading Shadow By Abdul Malik Al-Qasim

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Abdul Malik Al-Qasim
Darussalam Publications
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Life is a Fading Shadow By Abdul Malik Al-Qasim
ISBN: 9789960861746
Author: Abdul Malik Al-Qasim
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 80
Size: 14x21cm
About This Book:
Start a thoughtful outing through Abdul Malik Al-Qasim's significant appearance in "Life is a Fading Shadow." This sharp book urges perusers to think about the temporary idea of life, the sureness of death, and the significant illustrations contained in the short minutes that make our natural presence.
A contemplative investigation:
"Life is a Blurring Shadow" is a pondering examination of the hidden real factors that characterize the human experience. The melodious writing of Abdul Malik Al-Qasim moves perusers to think about the transient idea of life and get through bits of insight that lay somewhere beneath our short-lived presence.
Transient Beauty:
In his lovely considerations, Al-Qasim portrays presence as a blurring shadow — wonderful however momentary. He encourages perusers to see the value in the short-lived magnificence of their general surroundings, figuring out the transitory idea of natural pursuits and common victories.
Moral and Spiritual Insights:
The creator integrates moral and profound bits of knowledge into the texture of his story. "Life is a Blurring Shadow" fills in as a mirror, mirroring the more profound elements of the human spirit, encouraging perusers to think about their motivation and look for a significant association with the heavenly.
Contemplative Wisdom:
Al-Qasim's scrutinizing astuteness swarms the text, empowering perusers to participate in all things being equal and self-disclosure. The story turns into an aide for individuals hoping to arrange life's intricacy with effortlessness, determination, and elevated cognizance.
The Fragility of Time:
The delicacy of time arises as a common theme, helping perusers to remember the worth of every second. Al-Qasim urges individuals to deal with their time shrewdly, put resources into connections, and seek after profound development — an immortal message that cuts across social and philosophical lines.

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