Maariful Qur'an in english language with Arabic text,8 Vol set by Mufti Muhammad Shafi

Maktaba Darul-Uloom
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Maulana Mufti Muhammad Shafi
6087, 8 volumes
9.7 x 6.5 x 1.3 inch
Maktaba Darul-Uloom
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Maariful Qur'an English (Complete 8 volume set) A Comprehensive Commentary on The Holy Quran By Mulana Mufti Muhammad Shafi
Author: Maulana Mufti Muhammad Shafi / Ed: Mufti Taqi Usmanii
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 6087, 8 volumes
Size: 17.5 x 24.5 cm
Publication Year: 2019
Language: English/Arabic
Publisher: Maktaba Darul-Uloom
About This Book:
Being with the “Maariful Qur’an translated” series , which is an eight-volume set exhaustively written to extract eternal lessons from the Quran , I am now on the most exciting and captivating journey of comprehending and learning. This magnum work offers us a unique chance to see what the Quran's text hides and understand profound insight thanks to precious wisdom. There are three inherent qualities as follows: intellectual thought, linguistic skill and spiritual capabilities. In every volume of Maariful Qur'an aims at the reader not only to read but also to ponder upon the verbal meaning of the Lord with sincerity, purity and reverence, which also helps understanding it from historical background to modern everyday life.
Qur'an: A Prologue.
To get started, peruse Part I of the Quranic exegesis that serves the purpose of presenting a comprehensive view of the text at hand. This Volume is a very meaningful thing that will provide the readers with a background information that will enlighten them to begin the study of the Quran, based on the manner it was revealed and the process by which it was compiled in terms of the language and style. Delve into the Quran's theistic concerns, structure, and unique characteristics by considering their relation to the sacred book, thus establishing a strong foundation for understanding the subsequent volumes.
Exegesis of the Quranic Verses
Although the Quranic texts can be interpreted in multiple ways, I believe that having certain rules in place could help ensure that the meaning is conveyed as accurately as possible. Parts II to VII of Maariful Qur'an transport you towards the study of Quranic verses, whit each part analyzing the chosen verses methodologically. Discover how deep and layered meanings, fine details, and rich interpretations are embedded in the Quranic text as explained by great scholars. From the classifies of historical tales and prophesies to the surgical tablets of ethics and divine phenomena, these books provide a pleniform assessment that helps in this sense as well as brings us closer to the message of God.

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